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If you have missing teeth due to injury, accident or disease dental implants from our team of experts may be what you need to restore the look and functionality of your teeth.


At Tobler Dental, we can provide you with an implant that will restore your beautiful smile. We are a full service dentist’s office providing a comprehensive suite of procedures, including implants.


No matter the cause of your lost or missing teeth, we can provide you with an implant that looks and functions just as a normal tooth does, restoring your beautiful smile. These implants are significantly stronger than bridges or dentures, and they offer patients a permanent solution to lost teeth.


In our office, you will always be treated with the compassionate care and the professionalism that we strive for. Our number one focus is the patient in our office. We are a friendly, patient-focused establishment, and our office environment is meant to put our patients at ease.


Dr. Tobler, a Montrose native, has been serving the area for years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can trust.

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