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For residents of Montrose and the surrounding area, a dentures dentist from our office can fit you with a brand new replacement for your missing teeth.


At Tobler Dental, we can provide you with an opportunity to regain your natural appearance with a new set of teeth.


We understand how important your appearance can be to your self-image and the image that you project onto the world. We can help you to get a fresh start with a brand new set of dentures.

Restore Your Beautiful Smile


Whether you have lost teeth due to periodontal disease, injury, malnutrition or a genetic disorder, it may be necessary for us to extract all of the remaining teeth in order to make way to fit the denture into your mouth. While this can be initially intense, it can also give you a new opportunity to restore your beautiful smile.

Getting a new set of complete dentures can improve your ability to chew, and it can restore your facial structure while improving your speech. An immediate denture allows you to have a full set of teeth while allowing your gums to heal and your bone to heal after having teeth removed.

No matter you choice, we assure you that you will be able to receive a natural-looking set of teeth that will match your facial structure and desired appearance. Tobler Dental will get you the results that you want. Call us today!

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